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19 May

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“Traditional ways of buying digital ad space involve the publisher running the campaign, while programmatic puts the control to manage and measure back in the hands of the advertiser.”

Harry Harcus, managing director, defines programmatic as a media buy via technology rather than a manual process.

“Programmatic boils down to the use of data and technology enabling marketers to make decisions in real time about the advert they want to deliver to the consumer,” he explains.

“We are thinking about what audience we are trying to reach, on what kind of day, at what scale and increasingly on what devices.

New Publishers

New Publishers are welcome to apply at any time.

Please include Name, Email Address, Website Url and Category.

Get Started

Developers can use the DFP API to build applications that manage inventory, create orders, pull reports, and more.

The DFP API uses SOAP; to help you get started, we offer client libraries for Java, .NET, Python, PHP, and Ruby. To make your first API request, follow the steps below.



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